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Custom Toy Figures is part of CHL Products, a special toy company with its own sculptor team and production facilities in China. Over the years, customers often asked if they could have a personal doll or figure made without paying thousands of development charges. 

Custom Toy Figures is the answer to these inquiries. We understand that this is Do-It-Yourself business, so our goal is to provide the materials that you likely cannot make or find yourself, while helping you achieve the quality and value for these one of the kind pieces. We offer following packages:

Fashion doll

  • Custom sculpted doll head

  • Selective doll hair wig

  • Barbie or Bratz doll body, clothes, and accessories

Action figure

  • Custom sculpted figure head

  • G.I. Joe type fully articulated body

  • Dark suits, white shirt, neck tie

  • Leather shoes

Newlywed couple

  • Combination of above two

WWE type wrestler figure

  • Custom sculpted figure head 

  • WWE type body and outfits (painted)

Bobble head doll

  • Custom sculpted doll head

  • Selective body style

What would it cost for these unique pieces? Just the sculpting fee for the personalized heads. 

It means, with a few hundreds dollars, you can now dream about having a custom doll for your bride in her likeness dressed like Barbie, or a G.I. Joe type action figure in the guy's face, or a bobble head of your own; it also means that you can test your business talent by creating own line of dolls or figures, starting from a prototype.

Once you receive the figure, in addition, you may add onto it with other accessories or alter it as you like. For example, if you don't like the doll hair style, don't worry; you can comb, cut, curl, and maybe color it in your own way.

Just follow the links for details. Other custom works, including life-like sculpture or mass-production, are equally welcome. You may be interested in this unique Golfer too.

Of course, idea can be worthless without quality, for which, we can proudly boast for the works of our sculptors and QC personnel. In fact, these are the same artists who created many high-end sculptures such as Guitar Hero figure series and Esquire Award trophies. You can see the difference from this illustration

Please read "FAQ" for questions you may have or contact us for other inquiries.

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